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Note that we no longer assist with the Green Card Lottery. Pres Donald Trump wants to phase it out. However, good news is you can still get a Green Card with the dual intent system- where you apply for both the H1B visa with the intent to eventually get Permanent Residency.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I got my Green Card!! Guys you rock at BridgeBuilders! Thanks guys, you are making my dream come true and now I can go and find my elusive American wife LOL

Jacques D.

Together with my hubby I want to thank you out of the depth of my heart for all your help. Initially I thought we could handle this ourselves but luckily you showed us all the pitfalls. We would never have made this far without you- Thanks especially to Anne who was always so patient with answering all our silly questions. May God bless you guys as we start a new life in New York!

Naomi S.

Never thought to get such good news. You’re the best. I’ll recommend Bridge Builders to all my pals.


Peter V.

Get a job in the USA


You don’t just want to go for a few months. You want to make it your home. And you want a job before you even get there. Well, this is the route for you then. Every year the USA allows a certain ‘quota’ of foreign professional workers from outside their borders to come and work and live in the USA on an H1B visa. The limit is currently 65,000. Working on this prestigious visa can be temporary and is technically a ‘non-immigrant’ visa, but in practice often ends up as a permanent migration. You can read more about this visa on Wikipedia

We specialize in assisting employees from third-world countries such as South-Africa and India in the above two processes. You can also combine them.