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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are your offices?

Our experts will meet you on an appointment basis in either New York, NY, or Cape Town, South-Africa. Please call us for an appointment.

Phone:New York, NY (941) 306-2083 Cape Town, ZA (021) 782 1949
Fax: US (941) 306-2083 ZA (086) 295 1949
Email: (CV’s or job application sent to this address will be ignored. This is ONLY for information and general correspondence)
We have had clients from India, Egypt, the UK, several other African countries, etc. Our legal experts can also consult with you via Skype.
Do you accept Paypal?

No sorry. We used to have Paypal but had endless problems with them. For more secure payments we switched to BitCoin: this means you can pay us from any country in the world without hindrance. All you need is a local bank account.

Can't I save money by finding my own job?

Yes you can. If you can secure employment by yourself you will save having to pay for an employment placement.

Can't I just do the whole process myself?

Remember you only have one chance. If you do it wrong you fail. You need all the expertise you can get.  We have paralegals and an advocate of the High Court candidate who has many years of emigration consulting experience. They know what to do and not to do; what to say and no to say; they know the loopholes and hurdles to avoid.

Can my partner come with me? We are not married.

Yes if you are in a permanent relationship (opposite sex or same sex). If you are not married you might have to prove that you are in a permanent relationship, for example showing combined leases, bank accounts etc. or showing photos where you went on holiday together etc.

Can my family go with? Schooling for my kids?

Yes your immediate family can accompany you. They get issued with “Dependants” visas. They may not work but children may attend school. If your spouse/partner wants to work they will have to apply for an H1B in their own right. Students who wish to attend college/university will have to apply for a separate F1 visa. H1Base can help you with this.

Can I go first and let my family come later?

Yes many applicants do that to ensure they are “settled in” first before their family arrive. It’s entirely up to you.

I don't have a passport?

You will have to apply for a passport at once. Every member in your family also needs one. Make sure it is valid for at least another 3-4 years.

I want to do seasonal work on a boat/farm etc.

Then this process is not for you. We only work with the 3 year H1B visa, which is renewable for another 3 years. We suggest you try

Do you or I apply for my visa?

Neither. Your US employer applies for your H1B visa. Once it gets approved they inform your nearest US embassy who then call you in to issue your visa.

Why would I get work if there's so much unemployment in the US?

It is true that there has been much more US unemployment since the world experienced a slump in the economy a few years ago. However, this does not mean that you will not find a suitable job. Companies need qualified and experienced workers; if they cannot find it locally they will look elsewhere. Also, some companies actually prefer for some or other reason to employ foreign workers: some believe they work harder, others believe they are more loyal because their stay in America depends on them keeping their job etc.

Can I change my job?

Your visa is connected to one specific employer; so if you want to change your job you will have to find an alternative employer who is willing to sponsor you first. Our affiliate H1Base can assist you with this.

Can I get a ||Green Card|| with the H1B visa?

Fortunately the H1B professional Worker visa is one of a few visa-types that allow for ‘dual intent” i.e. you intend to work for the initial 3 years (renewable any-case for another 3 years), but you can ALSO have the intention to apply for permanent residency (the so-called “Green Card”). Once you have had your Green Card for 5 years you can apply for citizenship. until then you are not allowed to vote in US elections.

Must I pay for my air-ticket and accommodation?

Most of the time your employer will sponsor your air-ticket (usually giving you an annual return ticket to visit back home). Often your employer will sponsor the first 1-3 months of housing as well.

Where will I live when I land in the US

We can advise you how and where to find affordable, suitable accommodation.

Will I need a rental deposit for housing?

Yes, usually equal to one month’s rent, unless your employer sponsors this.

Will I need a US driver's license?

For the first year you can manage on your local license switched to an international license (We’ll help you with this). However, your employer usually insists you get your US driver’s license for identity purposes (rather than driving purposes). In the USA your drover’s licence is also your Identity Document.

What will my salary and benefits be like?

All employers have to pay you at least what they would have paid locals. Same goes for benefits. They are not allowed to discriminate against you because you are a foreigner. US salaries on H1B visas are currently averaged at around $70,000 p.a. and benefits usually include an annual return ticket back home, vacation and sick leave, medical aid, a pension plan and life cover.

What is the cost of living like?

It depends on your income and city where you live. We suggest you use the website to compare the cost of living in your current city with the US city you have in mind. Generally one person’s salary is however more than enough to cover the cost of living of a family of say 3-4 people, provided they do not live extravagantly. Cars, Gas (petrol), Utilities (like electricity) and Food are usually cheaper than what you might be used to, but housing could be more expensive (depending on the area of course).

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes if you make payment but then for some reason fail the Points Test we will refund you in full. If you answer the online questions honestly this should however not happen.  Once you register with us refunds are at the sole discretion of management.

Do you keep my information private?

Absolutely! We have a strict privacy policy and only give your information to organizations/ state departments where you authorize us to do so. For example- if we need to give your credentials to a US governing body we will ask your permission first. All communication with you remains strictly confidential.

How long does the whole process take?

First thing is to find suitable work. Once you establish a job offer applications for the H1B visa officially open on April 1st 2019, but the limit is usually filled within a day. So your application should be READY before this date. A process “behind the scenes” then start (such as a Labour Condition Application and H1B petition etc). If your application gets filed April 1st you will start working October 1st 2019.

If for some reason your initial job application is not successful it is guaranteed that suitable employment will be found for you within 6 MONTHS.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept any of the following:






All of these payments can be made through our payment gateway PAFPAST


Is there a guarantee that I'll find employment?

Employment depends on the employer wanting you and your skills. It depends on the interview that will most probably b held with you. It depends on your CV- your qualification and experience. However, the employment agency that we work with guarantees employment within a maximum of six month. Please note this is their guarantee not ours. We prepare your paperwork and they do the search for employment.

What makes you different from other companies?

We have the expertise and experience. We have legal specialists with years of emigration consulting experience. Thousands of applicants obtained H1B visas through the years, many who ultimately became US citizens.

How do I differentiate between companies who deliver and those who don't?

Unfortunately every industry has a few bad apples that give the profession a bad name. It boils down to those who have the qualifications and expertise and those who do not deliver. We would like to suggest that the proof of the pudding is in the eating!