Marry an American

Did you know that to marry an American is one of the fastest ways to become a US citizen? It is one of the only “first” visas that are categorized as an “immigrant” visa instead of a non-immigrant (for example F1 student, H1B professional worker) visa.

The K1 American Fiance visa is a far “better” choice and you reach citizenship much faster- it’s even “better” than a Green Card through employment!

It works like this: You meet an American who fancies your interest (usually online). You start chatting and fall in love. You meet in person- either in the US, in your own home-country or anywhere else. Once you agree that you are made for one another you then file for the K1 visa. You fly to the US and now have 90 DAYS WITHIN WHICH TO GET MARRIED. We assist with all the paperwork.

We work with a sister company who specializes in hooking you up with an American. There is a bonus. Many of these American singles are Millionaires looking for love, and most won’t mind marrying a non-American if they can find their soul-mate. And they sure won’t mind spending on their new-found love!

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