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The US immigration Process

We specialize in two visa types- the H1B PROFESSIONAL WORKER visa and the GREEN CARD. These are long-term visas which could lead to citizenship. They are NOT not a seasonal visa (they re not for you if you only want to go for a few months). The H1B visa is employment-based. It is usually valid for 3 years and can be renewed for another 3 years. We believe in the ‘dual intent’ option, which means you can ALSO apply for permanent residency (the green card) with this visa. The H1B visa is one of the special visas that allow this privilege. If you do NOT want to work in the US you can simply apply for the Green Card Lottery on its own.

Although we only use these two visa types it is important that you understand a little of the immigration process. For this purpose we suggest you watch these short videos that explain the H1B process as well as the Green Card process.Please note the Green Card Lotter IS again active.

Some clients ask us if they can’t apply for this process themselves. Yes you can, just like you don’t need to go see a doctor when you’re ill. You can tret yourself. However, the doctors is there as a SPECIALIST and I’m sure you would prefer a specialist to help you.

Our expertise and that of our affiliate companies will not only ensure that your entry is correct but we also know how to INCREASE your chances drastically to succeed!